Hi! I'm Lady and I'm very glad that you've stuck around to check out my page! I'll take a guess that since you've navigated to the "Meet Lady" page, you'd like to hear more about your author. Well, I've been gaming since I was a child. I remember the first game I played - Pac-Man! I'll have to admit though, most of my childhood was spent hunting Bowser and returning DK's bananas! My love of my SNES was only rivaled by my love of the original Playstation. I can't count the number of hours I spent playing Spryro the Dragon. Games had such an impact on my childhood that now I have Spyro and Yoshi tattoos on my hips. Now that I'm older,I'm no stranger to gaming. I keep myself up to date on what's coming out. 

Outside of gaming, I'm just as much a nerd. I work in the I.T. field as a network engineer. My life is run on technology. In my free time (when I'm not gaming of course) I like to cosplay (as you can see from the photo), play table top games and frequent conventions. I also have a love of the Renaissance. 

I started "The Lady Gamer" Facebook page back in April of 2013 because I felt that there weren't enough GOOD gaming pages run by females. While there were plenty of female run gaming pages out there, they all seemed to more sexual focused rather than gaming focused. My goal is to create a page run by a female, where ladies can feel welcome but where men can also feel welcome! 

I hope this gives you some insight into me! If you ever have any questions, please feel free to let me know <3

Your's Truly,

The Lady Gamer